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About Silverbackers

Silverbackers is a collaboration between kiwanja.net (project management and concept), Fauna & Flora International (global conservation organisation) and Masabi (mobile software development)

Enquiries about the game can be directed to Ken Banks via the kiwanja.net website.

About kiwanja.net


Since 2003, kiwanja.net has been helping local, national and international non-profit organisations make better use of information and communications technology in their work. Specialising in the application of mobile technology, it provides a wide range of ICT-related services drawing on over 22 years experience of its founder, Ken Banks. Non-profits in over forty countries have so far benefited from a range of kiwanja initiatives, including FrontlineSMS and nGOmobile

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About Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world's oldest international conservation body and has played a key role in establishing much of today's global conservation infrastructure. Founded in 1903, FFI is one of the few organisations whose remit is to protect the entire spectrum of endangered plant and animal species on the planet. FFI supports conservation initiatives throughout the world, in the form of partnerships, technical assistance, direct funding and consultancy. It works with local, national and international partners in over 60 countries

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About Masabi


Masabi designs and builds secure applications for mobile phones. The company is the leading developer of transactional software for the constrained environments of today’s mass market mobile handsets. It also has world leading experts in the fields of mobile usability and security across all devices. Based in London, UK since 2001, Masabi is wholly self-owned and self-funded

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