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Genre: Adventure/Puzzle
Players: 1
Levels: 8
Suggested ages: 8 and up
Platform: Java (J2ME)
Download the game. Play. Learn about the challenges
of gorilla conservation in a conflict zone. Join the cause!

Help save the mountain gorilla

Baby Gorillas
Baby gorillas, like human babies, love playing with each other and with adults.
Credit: Juan Pablo Moreiras / FFI

The mountain gorilla is one of the largest and strongest animals on the planet, yet it is also extremely vulnerable. Little more than 700 individuals survive in the dense forests of Central Africa.

Habitat loss is the most serious threat to these great apes. Not only do their forest homes contain valuable timber but beneath them lie vast mineral reserves. One of the most controversial mining operations in the DRC has been for coltan. Coltan is a key component used in the production of mobile phones. Unfortunately, the gorillas live directly on coltan-rich land; and the rising demand for the mineral directly endangers the apes.

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Game tips

Here are a few suggestions for how to do well in Silverback.

  • Don't eat the yellow foliage!
  • If you're looking for your mum, she doesn't have a silver back. Only the males do.
  • If you're stuck, try going a new way even if your return path gets blocked by rocks.
  • If there are rocks in the way, eat some greens to make them fall.